dinsdag 18 augustus 2009


The Amsterdam based accessory label Cavalier was launched at the prestigious fashion fair ‘Modefabriek' in the Netherlands in july 2007. The brand has, since then, gained a loyal clientele throughout Europe.

Founder and designer Corine Haacke creates feminine, functional bags that radiate luxury and appeal to a variety of women. Haacke, a former model and tv-host, has years of experience as a designer for other brands

Carol Malony in ModeCity Paris

If you can't make it out to Mode City Paris 5,6,7 Sept, please feel free to contact Fashionable Swimwear & Lingerie Showroom for linesheets.

our Showroom in Amsterdam or Antwerpen
is open full time AND

taking appointments from now!!!

Please contact Monica or Mark if you would like to set up an appointment in our Amsterdam or Antwerpen showroom to see Carol Malony Lingerie extraordinary line!